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the table who hasn't yet. >> reporter: the he would be virginia congressman eric capitor. >> i imagine frustrated as we all are. >> reporter: the house majority leader is being targeted by democrats who say his unwillingness to compromise is holding up a deal. >> and we're not going to raise the debt ceiling if we don't have cuts in excess of that amount. >> reporter: the democrats naming of cantor as the reason the talks haven't been successful and prompted -- prompted to figurely and literally embrace it. >> and let me say we have been in this fight together and any suggestion that the role that eric played in this meeting has beening any less than helpful of the. >> reporter: both sides have different versions of what is going on in the meetings. president obama stormed out of yesterday's session while dells say cantor
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president several times. >> and what i have seen despite the patient for the presidents is the intraunch gents in that room who refuse to cooperate on a bipartisan basis. >> reporter: despite the bad blood, though, it was treasury secretary timothy geithner who pointed out the one reality facing both sides. time is running out. >> and we looked at all the available obligations and have no way to give congress more time to solve the problem and we're running out of time. >> reporter: the bottom line is this: a deal needs to be reached by the end of next week to allow congress enough time to vote raising the debt ceiling and the white house is considering a debt meeting and at the end of the briefing, he was asked about this, shawn, if he was going up to him and did not respond. >> all right, tom fitzgerald, thank you. we're following breaking news out of prince georges
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county, maryland. police arrested two people in point of viewy, maryland and he was found dead inside the home yesterday. investigators say the suspect's posed as pepco workers to get inside the victim's home and they believe that he was targeted because he is a business owner. and also in bower, a police officer involved in a high- speed chase was hurt after a head-on collision and sky fox this afternoon. the officer was chasing a suspect near milford boulevard and science drive. the officer was flown to a local hospital in serious condition, the suspect was critically hurt. a d.c. police officer on the other side of the law. officerulary seay is charged with sexually assaulting many women. he was indicted on nine counts. he's accused of approaching the women on the streets armed with the service weapon and ordering him to follow a secluded area where he threatened to arrest them before assaulting them. the news edge on maryland.
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this man is accused of carjacking the child at a baltimore station and leading police on a high-speed chase. the mother made a daring escape rolling out of the car with a 20-month-old baby. forly they're okay. karen gray houston is live with more where the suspect is being held. >> reporter: he's from baltimore, 22 years old and is in a lot of trouble tonight and is facing chars that rainfall from kidnapping to assault and to alluding police and had the- and-run. he surrendered after abducting a woman and her baby at a gas station convenience store in baltimore around 10:00 last night and taking them for a wild ride. employees at the citgo station on edmonton avenue -- trying to steal potato chips at the store and when he left the store, he jumped into a black no one 95
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lexus parked out front and there was a baby inside whose mother went into the store went she saw the man trying to leave with the child, she tried to stop him and when he wouldn't get out, she jumped in. he backed out and raced toward i-ive in. he was travelling at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, according to police, and side swiped the state trooper parked on the shoulder of a construction detail and raced on toward the d.c. gateway. he slowed down the victim and her baby rolled out on to the third lane of the beltway close to the parkway. >> and they jumped into the car and with that baby in the car also and tried to take that baby and jumped behind him to get him -- and in her car. >> reporter: he faced drug charges before and is due in court tomorrow for a bond
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review, shape. >> step mother and baby are okay. thank you. and tonight, we're following stunning developments in the roger clemens perjury trial. a federal judge overseeing the case declared a mistrim and -- metrial. and paul wagner has more. >> reporter: jurors were being shown a portion of roger clemens' testimony in front of congress when the tape went on too long. instead of cutting it off before the jury could rule a portion offlimits by the judge, it was too late. steven durham and his team of prosecutors left the courthouse an hour after the judge declared a mistrial. they declined to comment n. court, they were scolded by a furious judge who said i think that a first-year law student -- inadmissible evidence. and that had to do with laura pettitte, the wife of pepper
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andy pettitte. and when she told investigators the judge said was offlimits but out of bounds. the jurors did hear what show had to say and as the judge said, i don't know how i can unring this bell. roger clemons had no visible reaction and left the courtroom, the seven-time cy young winner said nothing, took out the cell phone and went down the hallway and made a cow. he considered it to be crucial to the case. they were teammates on the yanks and astros and cames that clemens told him on two occasions he used human growth hormones what, andy pettitte told his wife that was offlimits and he may not have to face retrial. a hearing is scheduled for september 2nd. >> and will be interested. a woman fell into the track from the metro station. you will hear from the passenger who pulled the victim to safety. a story you will hear on fox 5.
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sue? >> very comfortable air. we're looking toward the beaches, too, later. and we'll see you then. hot 95.5's sarah frazier is live in the web center and chatting about all the hot topics of the day. log on and join the conversation g to we'll be right back.  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®.
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. >> fox 5 is monitoring metro with the news edge exclusive. we know that texting and driving is dangerous. how about texting while walking? earlier this month, a woman nearly died after falling on to the tracks where she was texting. and another rider pulled her off to safety. >> you don't realize how much of a problem texting is and until you watch metro riders for a few minutes. texting is a -- as they walk down escalators on the platform and one man we saw was reading a newspaper and texting and never once looked up. when a woman walked off of the
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matform at the medical center station while texting, jonathan dundee decide he had to do something. >> and was walking on the platform and heard one scream. >> reporter: he ran after hearing a second scream at the medical center met on station -- metro station. a woman was on the tracks. >> and i guess her sandal was impaled by the spoke, one of the spokes and was stuck on the tracks. >> reporter: two people kneeled over to reach her and then jumped. >> i had to take a line of -- leap of faith. the scariest part. i had to hoist her up and lift her up off of the ground. >> reporter: and the woman said she was texting, walked off the escalator and off of the platform. a few feet made all the difference between life and death. over there is the electrified third rail. had the woman touched that, she would have been electro cuted.
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>> and that is a concern someone could be engrossed in texting and not paying tag to the surroundings on the metro really system. >> reporter: dun die who was visiting his father, vaguely knew about the 750-volt electrical current. >> and that is the biggest fear in jumping. >> reporter: people texting don't call on to the tracks after day and with people and their phones inseparable, they see them falling and texting on escalators and just walking. >> and those are the opportunities for accidents to happen. >> reporter: the accident happened on july 3rd, a sunday and trains every 12 minutes instead of every six. the fortunate timing and minutes after the rescue, a train arrived. >> affidavits, it shook me up a little bit. hi tears in my eyes. >> and he doesn't remember the woman's name and never saw if
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she had her phone. the woman did receive medical attention at the station. to make her feel better, heel to her he fell down stairs while texting, too and since this happened, he's more cautious about when and where he texts. shawn? >> what a great guy, in the right place at the right time and made her feel good about it, too. thank you. and fox 5 is monitoring metro around the clock. send us an e-mail, go to fox 5 and d.c.'s former mayor has a brand new job. we'll tell you what is next forked a open fenty. and we'll get his thoughts coming up next. beth. they call it air conditioning in a glass. it's not just any cocktail but d.c.'s official cocktail as of today. 
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>> former d.c. mayor adrian fenty has a new job and sat down to speak with me about the new position. i also asked him what he thinks about the current state of d.c. >> no question about it. i grow up in washington, d.c. in so many ways it's come a long way and there is no single person responsible for that and a lot of people, when was on the city council, i worked with great people who did a lot for the city. the mayor then, mayor williams and a lot of people have done a lot since i left. you can see the entire interview on fox 5 news at 10 and with the former mayor, his next political move. and it's not easy for politicians to agree. miraculously the d.c. council passed a bill with a unanimous vote and it's rather
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refreshing. >> reporter: maybe to you, this is air conditioning. in the 1880s, this is ac. >> and with the air conditioning in the glass. >> reporter: it's called the licki. a 120-year-old refreshment that officially found its place as washington's native cocktail. >> the district of columbia, by the power invested in me, jack evans hereby recognizes the wiki as the native washington d.c. cocktail and declares july rickey month in the district of columbia. [ applause ] >> reporter: the wike was invented in 1883 and what is now the jadea marriott hotel and back then it was a place called shoemanners, a saloon, in the heart of washington's row. and derek brown will tell you there their is no rum in a reki. >> it was made with bourbon, gin or wry whiskey. the key is to have a fresh lime
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in it. squeeze the juice into the glass and that version of the rickey is gin. >> top it off with club soda or sparkling mineral water. it gets the name from the lobbyist, colonel joe rickey. >> when he had his bourbon wine, he had it every morning at 10:00 a.m., calling it morning morning. >> reporter: it was over a rickey that many came together and in pre-prohibition washington judge and on that corner, they could get the story and run after getting a drink and around the corner and file the story. >> and this happened not long after a civil war, an important time in our nation's history. >> i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall and more appropriately, a fry at the bar. >> reporter: for a toast to the rickey, still stirring discussions after a century of refreshments. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the bar at the y.w. marriott, where the rickey was invented, will be serving up
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half-price rickeys the rest of the mot. and if you want the recipe, visit our website at well, he was just saying didn't have a lot to talk about right now. >> i know. >> and view thely gorgeous outside. >> what is go -- and absolutely gorgeous outside. >> what is going on with you? >> no thunderstorms or much in the way of humidity and we had a tough time talking about weather. you know what? we can enjoy it. >> looks good. >> as the weekend approaches, people want to know about the beaches, right? and some clear skies opposed to yesterday at this time and strong thunderstorms racing through up to and that was the cool front and this is the result of the passage of the front. temperatures like this, 82 degrees at 6:00 and 81 for gaithersberg and monasses, culpepper and fredericksberg. that is the common number and frederick, still 90 and i think there is something wrong up. there i don't believe it's 90
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degrees and sometimes the thermometer gets stuck and we think it's more comfortable than that. across the region, we see the tremendous heat and this is to watchta, 99 degrees in the south and a break across the northern and certainly the northeastern part of the united states and we're going to keep that going for awhile. a couple of high clouds and some breeze, southeast wind and the showers and storms across the south, the gulf coast and high pressure building in for us, why we have the breeze and the refreshing air. that will stay up there for awhile eventually by the close of the weekend and that high is shifting off of the coast and that will bring more heat and humidity through the forecast and that is music to your ears and a lot of graduation parties and some weeings going on. you are in great shape and wrapping up the seasons, saturday looks great and that should be a comfortable day. sunday is warm and 88 is
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average this time of the year and more humidity. all things considered, very nice for the middle of july and tonight, though, fair skies and enjoy 50s. the mid-50s and farther north and west you go. 53 or 54 degrees and in the district, should be about 65 degrees and looks great for friday. calling it a fantastic friday at 86 degrees and that is probably as comfortable as it was at 8 in the morning, sunny, 72 degrees and by 5:00, 85 degrees and if you're thinking about going to the beaches, this is your forecast, looking traffic. 84 degrees at ocean city and that is through the weekend and not looking at storms. check out the water temperature now, up to 25 degrees and makes it totally refreshing and making the way up from rehoboth beach to cape may and that looks look temperatures are comfortable, a total bargain for this time of the year and wrapping it up, we head for 86 degrees tomorrow and gets warmer through the weekend and upper 80s by monday and into
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the low 90s by tuesday and starting to complain about the weather and some scattered thunderstorms in the forecast as the heat and humidity creep on back into town. we'll take breaks. >> and live in the moment. >> most deafny lit, i -- definitely, i love that. actress mila kunis may bail her date. she agreed to accompany the sergeant in november but her hectic work schedule may prevent her from going and she'll number production on two films the day of the ball. but e online reports her people are doing what they can see she can attend. he posted a youtube video of himself inviting the actress all the way from afghanistan. taking center stage at the first round of the british open. lindsay must have beeny with the amateur making headlines next. first, did you see what brian wilson wore? and the san francisco giants person showed up in a one-
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piece, spandex tuxedo. completed the look with a walking stick, white gloves, red sox and orange bow tie. wilson was best known for his mammoth black beard and described the outfit as a onesi; watch out, gaga.
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>> good evening i'm lindsay must by. thomas bjorn is wondering how much he has left in the tang. the amateur making a major championship debut and we'll start with the u.s. open champ, rory mcilroy. he relationship won since winning at congressional. misses the par putt, bogy 3 at the u.s. open until the 36th hole and shoots a 1-over 71 and currently tied for 51st.
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the american dustin johnson birdies 49 and 15 and on 16 from 159 yards out, four hops and into the cup for a hole in one and that brings him back to even par where he would finish the first round. thomas bjorn not one of the big names and led after three rounds of the 2003 british open. a fantastic start. the approach on 16 is a beauty. bjorn is a 5-under 65 and shares the lead with this man, 20 year old amateur todd lewis who posted the lowest round ever by an amateur at the british open on 17 and he would drain the long birdie putt. lewis cards a 5-under 65, the first amateur to leave after a round at a majorrence is 1976. the nationals begin tomorrow night and since 2005, they do it with at least a 500
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record. and the big question, will jason weather bust out and -- jayson werth bust out and has 231 rbis and 326 at-bats. the manager davieionson believes the 32-year-old will make a comeback and thinks this break will do him some good. >> and i am not worried about jayson. he's going to be fine second half. other guys are stating up and, you know, i think everyone could use it all eyes on the forward codie eakon and he played in two preseason games before returning to the juniors this past year. he played in the world championship and the memorial cup and the 20-year-old said that he's ready for the next step. >> for the team and winning the league and going to the cup. i have a lot of hockey in, you know, and some pretty big roles to play and i learned how to be
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pretty diverse and in that situation. >> he has that determination to come in and is going to do what i think to make the stick and has that mentality. >> and the nfl players and owners met again today. the sources have made progress on settling the differences on the rookie rate scale and talks are expected into the night. >> and making progress here. >> and some nfl. yes. thank you, lindsay. now you have the news edge. the news is always on keep it here. tmz on tv is up next. good night. 
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